Unfortunately, the cold temperatures of winter can cause severe issues to your car. Ice, sleet, and snow can also create risky driving conditions. Luckily, there are several steps Grove City car owners can take to prepare their Ford for winter. At A. Crivelli Ford Inc., we prioritize providing drivers with high-quality services that they can count on.

Check your Engine Fluids

Checking the oil, antifreeze, and coolant levels are crucial if you want to ensure that your used Ford truck or SUV is running optimally. Allowing the engine to freeze can cause severe damage, resulting in complex and expensive repairs. Apart from the engine coolant and antifreeze, the wiper fluid is also a crucial component that you can consider changing. Equipping your Ford F-150 with a wiper fluid created for winter temperatures can help protect your windshield from freezing. In addition, upgrading to winter-grade oil can also be a great idea that can help keep your Ford Escape engine is in tip-top condition.

Change Your Tires

It is crucial to have an OEM licensed technician inspect your Ford Sedan’s tires, such as the Mustang, to ensure that the trends are in good shape. In addition, they will also ensure that your tires are properly inflated and balanced to enhance your safety when taking on every adventure in Harrisville. These issues can result in poor traction that can cause havoc as you navigate in the streets of Cochranton. Replacing your Ford Bronco regular tires with new winter tires is also an important aspect that you should not avoid. Compared to all-season tires, winter tires provide enhanced traction that enables you to cruise through snow and ice quickly.

Test Your Battery

Scheduling a quick battery test with us will help you know whether your Ford Explorer or Ford F-250 has plenty of power to carry you through the cold season. Remember, cold temperatures can drain your batteries, which might leave you stranded as you drive through Stoneboro.

Visit our Service Center

Drive to our state-of-art service center to learn more about getting your new or used Ford model ready for winter. Remember. A little planning can help keep your family safe and protect your Ford truck, SUV, or sedan through the winter season.

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