If you’ve been lamenting the high fuel costs as you drive your Ford F-150 pickup, rest assured there are some things you can do to help improve efficiency before you give up your truck. A. Crivelli Ford is here with some fuel saving tips to help you manage fuel costs in your pickup so you can enjoy your Ford F-150 in all its towing and hauling glory in 2023.

Remove Dead Weight

No, we’re not talking about taking off the doors and knocking out the windows. But if you’ve got a heavy toolbox or a bunch of equipment in the back of your Ford F-150, it might be time to evaluate whether you need it with you. Any weight you can drop in your daily drives will make acceleration easier, improving fuel efficiency where it is at its worst. Bonus: you’ll enjoy better handling and stopping power as well.

Reduce Your Brake Usage

As tempting as it is to keep your foot on the accelerator until the last possible second, you can save a wealth of fuel by coasting up to stop signs and into tight corners. Use your best judgement and certainly apply the brakes when necessary, but by planning ahead and lifting off of the throttle when you know you’ll need to slow down, you can improve your mileage both in the city and on more open roads.


Proper tire pressure, fresh spark plugs, and even fresh oil can help improve the overall efficiency of your Ford F-150. The team at A. Crivelli Ford is here to help with all your routine maintenance needs so you can get the most out of every tank and keep your F-150 healthy for the long term.

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