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What do you think when you hear "bargain"? For a lot of people in Franklin, it's a turnoff. It's the prelude to "we're going to try to sell you the stuff nobody wants by marking the price down." So, people steer clear of anything on the bargain shelf. But, if you give us a few minutes, we can probably change your opinion on the word. And by shopping in our bargain inventory, you can enjoy the benefits of buying a used car. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

High Quality All the Time

Our highly trained and qualified technicians examine every vehicle in our pre-owned inventory. That's what they're paid to do. They get underneath the hood, examine components, and ensure that your model can travel from Grove City to Harrisville without a problem. For more reassurance, we offer vehicle history reports so you can double-check the condition of your car at your pace.

Bargain Inventory

This isn't our picked-over, picked-through, hand-me-down inventory. These models are highly efficient and dependable. And to be honest, we could probably charge a lot more than the sticker price. But we figured that we'd keep this inventory within striking distance for anybody. Whether you're a part-time employee, full-time student, or in-between jobs. We've got vehicles with estimated monthly payments under $200. Check out our ever-changing inventory today and find a model that matches your budget in Cochranton or Stoneboro today.

A. Crivelli Ford Inc.

If it's a bargain from A. Crivelli Ford, chances are, you've got a great deal on your hands. From certified inspections to unbeatable pricing, you've got every reassurance you need to purchase your vehicle today.

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